How-to wearing Alps-Hiking in Swiss


When we get to Switzerland and hiking Alps,
I was wondering if we should wear what in it.
Here, I consider it on our experiences ; it's premised on hiking between July and September.




Latitude of Switzerland: Switzerland lies to the North than Hokaido in Japan.
And, altitude of mountains in Hokaido is arround 2000m; there's no glaciers in it.
Swiss Alps has altitude 4000m and glaciers against it.
I have the next impression for it.

"Upper (from Hörnlihütte) of the Matter horn (altitude 4478m) sit on the Mt.Yarigatake (Altitude 3060m)."


In Swiss Alps, there are cliffs of glaciers between 2000m and 2500m high.
Then, many hiking course in it lie on between 2500m and 3000m high.
It seems Japan Alps.


Glaciers same rivers made by ices.
Then, if there are glaciers up your place, you may be in chill air and wind from it.
Thus, you may feel cold in it ; with getting good weather and sunlight.


Grindelwald lies altitude 1000m over sea level on southward and sunny slope.
(Grund lies on bottom of its valley.)
In this place, we feel warm because out of ice air from glaciers.
At sunny day in summer, the temperature may go up centigrade 30 degrees.
But in the morning, it cool down under 10 degrees.


Zermatt lies on altitude 1600m over sea level ; bottom of valley having glaciers up it.
You may feel cold , because into ice air from it.
At sunny day in summer, the temperature may go up centigrade 25 degrees.
But in the morning, it cool down under 5 degrees.
You should think altitude of staying hotel.
Gornergrad lies on altitude 3090m over sea level; same as mountain villa Yarigatake in Japan.


In the rain and wind, your sensory temperature go down rapidly.
It seems to vary hard conditions that mountains in Japan north alps move to the north of Hokaido.
especially, we fear a thunder, because difficultly escaping from it; there is few tall tree in mountains of the Switzerland.
Collapses ,falling rock and ice in glaciers and cliffs.
I could get roars in the rain of the Zermatt.
When in it, we like to stay in hotel, or shopping in town.


When you get bad weather in Swiss Alps altitude 2500m over, you  may get snow.
That snow don't begin to melt for a few days.

In Japan Alps we can start in the rain.
But, we shouldn't start in the rain of Swiss Alps.



We need protecting sunburn and wind and cold in sunny day.

Protecting cold

I usually put on more layers of clothing;
firstly, heavy polo shirt for protecting wind and cold.
secondary, polo shirt with uv-cut and rapid-dry.
I get the heavy one at mountaineers shop in Japan.
He said that mountain guides are wearing in Europe.
And my wife get similar one at a shop faces square of church in the Zermatt.
But we feel cold in September 2015.
Then, We like to put a thin sweater under more layers of clothing.


We need a rainwear; it can protect us rain and wind in bad weather.
The best one is a two-piece suit of "Gore-tex".
Also a glove for rain is needed.
We get it in bad day of town.


I'm not particular about pants.
But, It's better to ease walk and dry.


Underwear ; I'm not particular about it too.
But, I like to protect cold and wind.


People who put a hat.
That's almost Japanese.
But, I like to protect sunburn and rain.
I guess that Gore-Tex is best one.

The END.

Thank you for your reading.

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